Bryan Datoc - Co-owner of Craft Heads Brewing Company

Bryan Datoc - Co-owner of Craft Heads Brewing Company


Originated inside Craft Heads Brewing Company (YES a Brewery!) we used this idea as a start up concept to provide more than just craft beer for our customers. With our previous backgrounds in engineering and teaching, our vision was to help educate and exhibit how the methods behind brewing craft beer and extracting coffee are comparable to one another.

Our passion in brewing coffee was influenced from travelling abroad and living in the city of Melbourne, Australia - known as one of the biggest “Coffee Capital’s of the World!”. Whilst educating there for a period, we quickly fell into the new wave of specialty coffee as it is such an integral part of Melbourne’s lifestyle and culture. The time spent travelling various parts of the world only opened our eyes to innovative ideas and eventually brought us back to focus independently on what we loved the most. Finding a passion behind the art & cultural lifestyle we experienced, our vision was to carry this concept back to our home town and to share it with the people and visitors across Windsor-Essex County.

Ron Roy - Owner and Founder of 30mL Coffee Co. (formerly Craft Heads Coffee)

Ron Roy - Owner and Founder of 30mL Coffee Co. (formerly Craft Heads Coffee)

30mL COFFEE CO. (est. 2017) is a small business brand and coffee provider born and raised in Windsor, ON. Our name (30mL) derives from the guidelines of achieving the “golden ratio” or “perfect shot” of coffee while scientifically studying its behavior. We are beyond excited to be sharing our passion of coffee along with you, our wonderful customers! Raise your cups to a higher standard - to controlled brewing and a better lifestyle!

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Who AM I?

Hello Everyone!

My name is Ron Roy, owner and founder of 30mL COFFEE CO. here in Windsor, ON. I am very honored and privileged to be behind a brand, lifestyle and market that I truly believe in – the evolving wave of specialty coffee. It is a fuel that helped me power through both of my undergraduate degrees [Bachelor of Applied Science in Mechanical (Automotive) Engineering/Bachelor of Education (Physics/Math)], and now a passion that has changed my lifestyle for the better!

They say people don’t like change (due to reasons such as fear, risk, reality, temporary fad etc.), but I am certain that change is what helps bring you new opportunities! I had the opportunity to leave Canada from 2010-2015 taking me half way across the world to the beautiful city of Melbourne, Australia. Living, educating, adapting and traveling abroad was a very surreal experience that helped change my outlook in life - it allowed me to discover diverse cultures, but most importantly to try new things! This change alone was the main force that has now driven me to pursue a completely different opportunity – one that I want to share with the people in our city.


Coffee is my passion and I intend to help express and create a community here in Windsor, ON, where coffee is not set just out of convenience, but rather an escape where you can disconnect and enjoy thoughtfully made premium beverages. Coffee is more than just a 'regular cup', but rather a cup that is filled with rich changing layers and sophistication. I am constantly learning and discovering coffee to be a way of life, a true piece of pride and feel that it is a revolution that can be properly instilled in our city’s fabric and DNA.

“I’ve always believed that when you put in the work, the results will come!” – Michael Jordan

Upon my return in 2015, I quickly recognized that our city was positively on the rise of re-building. It was a good time to try to help cause the right change in developing our city and our community. I wouldn’t be where I am this moment in time if it wasn’t for my own risk of change - more importantly, the help, support and encouragement of all my family, friends, partners and loved ones. I am very excited to present you with a seed that is now planted in my new lifestyle and one that I want to help implant in yours! 



local partnership opportunities

Meet Saskia Scott, owner of Sweet Revenge Bakeshop. At the age of 22, Saskia had turned her passion for baking and her dream of one day owning her own shop into a reality. Graduating with Honours from the Baker/Patissier Apprentice program at George Brown College, she then became a Red Seal Pastry Chef. Saskia comes with a stellar resume and a great deal of experience thanks to her many mentors and internship opportunities here in Windsor. She has been baking seriously since the age of 16 and has enjoyed the last few years working in her own cake shop/bakery.

Together we combine as a “perfect pair” with her knowledge and creative expertise in the baking sector and our stimulating and continuous passion for the specialty coffee industry. As two small business partners, you can undeniably say we “kill two birds with one stone” as we help compliment one another’s crafts all under one roof! Our intent is to further spread knowledge about our passion by bringing something new and unique to the city of Windsor. We are very excited to be working together side by side. Thank You!


De Mello Palheta Coffee Roasters

2489 Yonge St. (Toronto, ON)

We are proud to be serving some of the best coffee in Canada sourced from our roasters, De Mello Palheta. With a strong understanding of the specialty coffee industry these amazing group of people display pure passion for their love of coffee. They truly value building relationships with everyone, but most importantly supporting and educating, as they seek to tell stories of the coffee producers they work with. De Mello has made a huge impact to the Canadian coffee industry since 2013, as they aim to portray the utmost importance - sourcing from seed to cup for the continued existence of the specialty coffee industry. Keep an eye out for their tasty retail bags at our partnered locations here in Windsor, ON - you won’t be disappointed!