Events & Workshops


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To learn more about the vast world of specialty coffee, we plan on hosting some of the following workshops:


A guide to Espresso for restaurant and cafe owners

·         Learn the basics of pulling a proper espresso shot for your customers to enjoy

·         Learn about the main factors affecting coffee and how it can affect your espresso shot

·         Learn how to properly aerate and texture milk

·         Learn how to maintain the quality of your equipment


coffee tasting classes

·         Learn the basic theory behind espresso, filter and cold brew methods

·         Learn about the main factors that affect coffee

·         Learn & taste coffee under different brewing equipment and conditions

·         Learn & taste the difference between Acidity, Sweetness and Bitterness


intro to espresso & learning basic latte art

·         Learn the basics behind espresso theory, temperature and grind size

·         Learn the basics of how to properly aerate and texture milk for basic latte art designs

·         Learn foundation design patterns (Hearts, Rosetta's & Tulips) and have fun by creating latte art

**We also offer Private Classes at home or after hours**

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